October 26, 2011


A new single by *Halo.

Haneda/Cleyra Cover Art1.Haneda : Evening. Sunset. Tokyo Haneda’s Airport. Announcements, Lounges, Gate, Waiting. Boarding. Departure. Thoughts before Takeoff. A warm experimental/ambient track, a realistic description of the moments, filled with thoughts and feelings, before the departure for somewhere so far. 

2.Cleyra : A fantastic landscape, a village on the top gigantic tree, always sorrounded by a sandstorm, after its destruction. Nothing remains after. Inspired by the city of Cleyra in FFIX. Some of the music passages hint to composing styles of N.Uematsu and P.Glass. 

Halo is a solo project of Experimental/Ambient/Electronic music by Pasquale Riviezzo. Refer to the individual tracks for license and credit information.

Haneda by *Halo