March 21, 2012

A new collaboration with Myristica, “Blue”.

January 8, 2012

A song I wrote while working on my new album. Here there is an ambient introduction that preludes to an oriental atmosphere, then the theme is developed through ethnical instruments (the main theme is played by a turkish clarinet) sustained by an acustic drum/percussion layer modified with various electronic effects.

This was inspired to me by a tearoom in my city. I went there with some friends of mine, and there were some strange oriental varieties of tea. One was named “Le mille e una notte” (Italian for “the Thousand and One Nights”), another ‘Sogno del deserto’ (“Desert Dream”), and there was an oriental ethnic music with weaving voices playing in the background. I liked the atmosphere, so I decided to make a track about that.

January 5, 2012
Featured Track: Beyond the Glow, *Halo cover of Myristica


Interesting to hear pianist SoundClouders doing covers of other pianist SoundClouders.

Here we have *Halo, aka Pasquale Riviezzo of Milan, Italy, transcribing Beyond the Glow by Myristica, aka Mei-Ling Grey of Sussex, UK.

Myristica’s original track is an orchestral composition that does have a piano part in it but the piano’s role is no greater than any other instrument in the composition, unlike a concerto-type piece which pianos generally find themselves in when in the company of an orchestra.

*Halo has very elegantly taken the essence of Myristica’s composition and brought all other parts expressively to a single piano part. He has then overlaid atmospheric rainfall sounds to bed the track into more of an Ambient genre, an aspect which resonates well with Myristica’s own largely ambient/chill-out portfolio.

And here’s Myristica’s original.

— Oliver Sadie

December 21, 2011
Beyond the glow [Piano]

This is a piano arrangement of a beautiful song by myristica. Beyond the glow is a warm song, a lovely 3/4 piece that will surely warm the cold days of your winter. I imagined listening to this at home, while out is raining and inside the hearth is lit, playing something at the piano. So I thought it could fit well the song’s spirit to give it a loose waltz feel in the central part, while letting the sensation from the sorrounding ambience emerge in the end, where the piano sound gets lost in the atmosphere. I hope you’ll like this arrangement, I tried to mantain the theme of beyond the glow, freely changing the end and the beginning in a way that could fit the song well.

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More news coming in the next days about the release of a new EP, ‘Cleyra’, and my first album, coming in 2011.

You can listen to more beautiful songs by myristica ♫ (including the original version of this song) at her Sc page (follow the link), and be updated on her latest news on Fb or Twitter.

I hope you’ll enjoy this arrangement!

December 17, 2011

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December 11, 2011
Abstraction - Moments in Silence

The sophomore release from Abstraction, focusing on lush melodies and field recordings. Evoking imagery of warm Summer fields and rocky beaches, Moments of Silence contains pure melodic ambiance. 

"So vivid, I feel like I am in someone’s moment of release and retrospect. … I can see this is a film, a moment of realization, looking back and then looking ahead, no definition, but just an awareness that soon you will be inclined to move." - Bekah B. 

This album focuses on wonderful atmospheres and lovely layers of descriptive fieldrecording. It lets you really float in realistic ambiences and well built soundscapes, while listening to subtle veils of sounds.

 You can digitally download the album or a buy a physical copy @

December 8, 2011

Untitled #1

I was experimenting and creating sounds with Phase Modulation Synthesis and I came up with this pad sound. I thought it was beautiful.. so I decided to record a little song using only that. 

December 1, 2011

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November 29, 2011

A new short track. Memories and soundscape of the seashore at evening. This will be included in a new EP that will be released by the end of December! I hope you’ll like the feelings and the crystalline sounds. :)

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Thank you for listening. :)

November 6, 2011
Remembering the rain

It’s raining outside. Some impressions and memories arise through a veil of a delicate sensation of flowing thoughts. A blog.. And maybe no one’s ever going to read, so what I’m writing for? Just like rain my words and my notes, as grass or plants that grow thanks to the raindrops, even if only a little, you listeners, or readers. Every word, or music note, could be a new experience, could revive a memory or give birth to a new, true, spontaneous emotion, link or connect people who not even know of each other; because we all share something, emotions, feelings, thoughts, relating to the cities or places where we live, people we care of, even watching the same natural but unique show of the falling rain, sensations that make us as we are.

That’s why I think it’s important to share, even the smaller thing, with you all. This maybe is the first proper ‘post’ of this blog. It was just thought as an introduction to ‘sharing’. I hope you could understand, or simply feel, my music or my words, just as I always try to leave a shape of my thoughts and feelings in everything I write, or compose; and if it can make you feel better, or just ‘feel’ something, any way it could do it, this should already be something to be proud/pleased of. 

I’m leaving you with an enchanting tune by B.Evans, ‘Remembering the rain’.

Greetings from Milan, Italy. Goodnight.

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