June 10, 2012
Album Review - Even Though We Sleep


A review by A Strangely Isolated Place of Even Though We Sleep


June 9, 2012

Dear friends and folloPathwayswers, my song “And In The Endless Night They Shed Their Tears” was included as opening track in a new compilation, “Pathways”, released today on Negative Sound Institute (NSI) netlabel. The release is for free download, and you can grab your copy at: http://www.negativesoundinstitute.com/grid/index.php/feature/latest.

These words are a brief introduction to this beautiful compilation by NSI owner Verian Thomas:

"It is difficult to describe what this compilation was originally about as the idea of it changed as it was being created. Originally I had the idea that I would collate several ‘journey’ related tracks into an interesting compilation, but that never really happened. What did happen is that, inevitably perhaps, I discovered that the Pathways of the title were ones that I would be travelling down in my search for music that struck me as beautiful, tracks that sat comfortably alongside each other without stealing each others beauty.

Not so many years ago I would not have been able to travel to Russia, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Japan, UK, USA and Germany to hear the music included in this compilation, and then to obtain a recording of it and get permission to release it, the logistics would have been extraordinarily complicated, as would the expense. Today the world is a much smaller place and it has been fabulous to hear from the wonderful people residing in these countries who have been so very kind in allowing the release of their music through NSI. “

June 5, 2012

Heat by gaubitsa on Flickr.

Heat by gaubitsa on Flickr.

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June 2, 2012

Our official site is now online at haloproject.co.uk :)

May 7, 2012

This is a very special version of a song which will be included in my “Late Winter Tales” EP, forthcoming on Dewtone Recordings May 15th. I rearranged the song in this version for piano and strings for some live shows I could start doing in Milan by the end of May… It is a short but moving song depicting an evening marine scene. The painting I used is by Ivan Aivazovsky.  

May 6, 2012
Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul: this is my 3rd piano arrangement for Myristica. The melody of her new track “Heart and Soul” is especially lovely and moving, and this song is particularly warm; no words could describe it better than its title and notes. I hope you’ll like how it sounds on piano.

May 4, 2012
Will I ever be missed?

This is a special voice edit version of a new song I was working on. I thought some lyrics by Say were really apt to the atmosphere of the track, so I tried to combine voice and music in this version; I’m still working on the instrumental version, but we hope you’ll like the meaningful words and the lovely theme of this. 

Music by Halo Voice & Lyrics by Say. ______________________________________________________________

Halo & Say - Will I ever be missed? [#]

will there be anyone who miss me when I´m gone
not in pain - just in a loving thought

will there be a place to stay
when it’s so cold like now

will there be anyone who wants to hold me
and I want to hold him

I don´t know
maybe for ever
this is only a dream

will anyone ever awake
next to me with a smile

will I ever feel a warming smile
to feel arms around me

will there be anyone who wants to hold me
and I want to hold him

I don´t know
maybe for ever
this is only a dream

will I ever find comfort
in a loving smile

will there be anyone who wants to hold me
and I want to hold him

I don´t know
maybe for ever
this is only a dream

tears running down my face
since hours again and again

I don´t know why
everything is daily life

I´ve never been missed…

April 26, 2012
Lullatone - A Slow Waltz [Halo Remix]

This is a remix I made for Lullatone, a popular music group based in Nagoya, Japan, whose music is characterized by an innocent, child-like quality and spare, lo-fi sounds. It will be included in a compilation cd which will be released in China later this year. The track “A Slow Waltz” was originally released on ‘Computer Recital’ on Audio Dregs Recordings (2003). 

Lullatone are: Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida.You can follow them at their website http://lullatone.com. 

April 16, 2012
憂愁のための (For melancholy)

This song is a collaboration with Motohiko Hirami, who composed and played the beautiful guitar part in the middle. You can listen to a solo guitar version of this track here: For melancholy (guitar) by Motohiko Hirami. I think it’s perfect for a rainy evening. We hope you’ll like it.

March 31, 2012
Spring in Grayscale

Winter’s gone, Spring is in greyscale. 

A b-side from my upcoming EP, “Late Winter Tales”.

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