March 7, 2014


Inspired by transit and transcendence, misty mornings and fleeting connection, Pasquale Riviezzo’s EP ‘Song Of The Highest Tower’ is a collection that’s characterized by weighty piano chords, ethereal atmospheres and measured use of string to give tracks a melancholic focus.

March 18, 2013
Winter’s Passage


Winter’s Passage' is the 3rd track from 'Scenes from the four seasons’. This song softly recreates the atmosphere of late Winter, when the season it’s almost over and snow starts to melt, a few flowers standing out in the charming white landscape while Spring approaches.

March 16, 2013
Scenes from the four seasons


'Scenes from the four seasons' is a collection of 15 unreleased tracks and b-sides from 2012, running through the four seasons and stopping at some intimate moments in Winter, a tranquil evening in Autumn, two seaside scenes between Spring and Summer.

I decided to have all these tracks together in this collection, at the moment exclusively released on bandcamp not only because of the common theme, but above all because, when I started working on my first modern classical album, that will be released later this year, I didn’t want to left all these works incomplete, even if they were mostly expression of ideas and style still imperfect and evolving.

I’m sure you’ll find a moment of peace and tranquillity in these notes, and even some passages that represents your life during the seasons, an intimate moment, as when you’re at home and the snow starts falling in winter, or when you first see the seaside in spring.

Thank you for taking time to listen to these songs. All your support is appreciated, especially in view of a strings recording session for the production of my new modern classical album.

Cover artwork is “Restleness” by Agnès Caixas, photographer from Barcelona - Spain. Find her online at:

Follow the latest news about Halo at:

I take this chance to remind you that my previous EP, “Late Winter Tales”, is still available at Dewtone Recordings and on the major internet music stores.

Thanks heartily for all your support.

released 03 March 2013 
All tracks Composed, Recorded and Mastered by Pasquale Riviezzo.
© 2013, All Rights Reserved.

March 2, 2013

The depth of thought' was originally written in the second half of 2011, but then was never released for digital download. 

It is available from today in digital format, including four songs, just a few days before the release of ‘Scenes from the four seasons’. I’d like to conclude with these two releases all the works I left incomplete until now.

This was one of my first works, so experimental in nature, but also quite original, so I am happy to share it with you. Have a nice day. :)

January 28, 2013
At The First Meeting

“At the First Meeting” is the new single by talented Korean modern classical/electronica composer Sima Kim, released on Inner Ocean Records. Includes a remix by American Green and voices by Linda Ong. And I was really glad to contribute to this beautiful release mastering it. A really recommended listen.


Download the single and remix of Sima Kim’s “At The First Meeting”!


October 28, 2012

Song #8 from Late Winter Tales' EP, telling stories of a lovely Winter Sunset..

August 1, 2012
The Wastelands

I always thought of ambient music as a way to effectively depict soundscapes with notes and musical colors (frequencies, tones, silences).

I’ll listen to this with closed eyes and I’ll see sounds painting a landscape in the imaginary space. Like emerging from the deepness of your thoughts, and sorrounding you with its presence, because it’s you who has been creating it. Music conceals places in its notes.

I called that place “The wastelands”, a distant landscape brought back to our time for a little moment, as it were while the wind blew in the cloudy sky and the sun set over the horizon of the open fields.

Just like a dream, at the end you open your eyes and there’s no trace left, if not a subtle sensation of having been there, somewhere, sometime…

video by The Stunning Sound.

July 31, 2012
[release] songs


my upcoming album ‘songs’ will release soon.

if u wanna get more info,

check the below link. 

June 16, 2012
June (入梅)

A little piano improvisation, recorded in two minutes, dedicated to all my followers.

'入梅' (Nyūbai) means “Entering the Rainy Season” (tsuyu, 梅雨) in Japanese; the season lasts in Japan from early June to mid July.

Artwork photo is “June Bokeh” by Jonathan Spence

June 10, 2012
Album Review - Even Though We Sleep


A review by A Strangely Isolated Place of Even Though We Sleep

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